Looking to change the look of you vehicle and still keep your quality factory wheel?

Did the magnesium chloride get the best of your wheels finish and want to eliminate its effects forever?

Are you looking for the most durable finish for your wheels?

We recommend powder coating as an answer to all the questions above. 

The powder itself is made up of very small special plastic pieces.  This powder is then blown through a special spray gun that applies a positive charge to each of the pieces, the part to be coated is grounded, basically applying a negative charge.  As the powder spreads in the air the negative charge from the part will actually begin to pull the powder towards it just as a magnet will move metal.  This process allows for an even coating of the entire surface.  After the part has been coated it will be fuzzy in appearance and needs to be heated for the powder to melt and form the coating.  During the controlled cure cycle the part is heated to a specific temperature for a specific amount of time for a long lasting durable finish.