Do I need an alignment? Should I get an alignment when I get new tires?

These questions are asked almost daily and in the past were hard to answer.

Recommending an alignment meant sending a customer to another shop, with an unknown outcome.

The answer for us was to invest in the industry leading equipment and a factory trained technicians to bring alignments in-house.

What does this mean for you?

We offer a free alignment check, which is the only way to know if you do indeed “need an alignment”.

Our free alignment check includes a complete sensor install, measurement of specs and quick inspection of related components.

This will give us comprehensive information about your car and help answer the question…Do I need an alignment?

What’s in it for us?

It’s impossible to know if you need an alignment…without installing the sensors and taking a measurement.

Offering a free check eliminates this unknown for both of us, which allows us to offer only what is needed.

We can offer an alignment without worry and our customers can enjoy peace of mind knowing they won’t be charged if it’s unneeded.

More importantly their vehicle is safe and is in the best adjustment to help protect their tires!

There’s no gimmick, all we ask is if your vehicle is out of spec and does need an alignment that you proceed with the necessary adjustments.

The specs used to make the decision are printed measurements from our state of the art equipment. This information in conjunction with recommendations of our trained technicians is how we determine if we should continue with the alignment procedure.

If your vehicle is within specs, you’ll still receive the printed measurement for your records, but the work order attached will have no cost to you.

This policy goes back to answering the simple question “Do I need an alignment”. This is our answer to offer our customer’s an alternative to the status quo and build upon the trust we’ve built in our community since 2007.