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We won’t sell you tires on this website.

Your tires are the only point of contact your vehicle has with the road; in most cases less than one square foot of actual contact at any moment. Despite all tires being “round and black” there are huge differences in quality, research, development and performance between what appear to be similar tires. As fun as it is to try and read between the lines on the endless reviews available online, it’s much simpler and you are more likely to end up with better results by talking to someone who lives in the tire industry everyday.

In the end it will always be your decision, but we believe involving a professional in the process is key to getting the best performing tires for your vehicle.

We are proud to be a direct dealer for these brands:

Michelin Tires
BF Goodrich
Falken Tire
General Tire

We also sell all other major brands and are always focused on finding the best tire for your circumstance, not the brand with the slickest marketing.

We stock hundreds of tires and are happy to have you take a closer look or roll a certain size out to your vehicle to help make your decision easier.

When you are shopping for tires, always consider the following:

Pricing MUST be at the top of the list.

We are all selling the same tires!

Our philosophy is simple.

We Match Online Prices.

No hidden agenda; we just don’t see why you should have to pay us more for something you can get delivered to your door for less.

Don’t believe us? Give us a call and see for yourself. This straightforward CUSTOMER FIRST approach is the heart of the way we’ve operated for over 15 years in Bend, OR.

Passion is critical.

Is there a genuine interest to find the right tire for you or is someone just selling you what’s on the shelf?

We love tires…and wheels!

Whether you love to buy tires OR hate to buy tires, we can help.

Want to dig into how much a tire weighs and the impact on how your vehicle will drive?

We look forward to discussing it!

Do you want to just drop your car off knowing you are getting the right tire at a great price?

We got you!

We pride ourselves on offering personalized service where each customer’s circumstance will be considered as we navigate through the many options available.

Get the details right.

From sports cars to lifted trucks there is one common thread running through our shop:

Getting the Details Right.

Details may be different for each vehicle owner, but our goal is to understand what’s important to you and deliver it.

Full-Service Tire Shop

In-House Powder Coating

Central Oregon’s ONLY Wheel Repair Facility

NW Wheel & Tire is truly a one-stop-shop

Details are our business and we have the premium equipment and experience to offer the highest level of service in the area.

Specializing in Tires.

Established in Bend Oregon in 2007, we have steadily grown to be one of the largest tire shops by volume of tires sold in Central Oregon, primarily through word of mouth.

Our start in the tire industry came from working as a tire installer at a European car dealership, which we’d argue, is the best place to learn.Not only do they have the most difficult tire and wheel assemblies to dismount and mount, they also require very precise balancing to avoid vibration.These cars require attention to detail to perform correctly and that same level of attention can be applied to all vehicles.

It’s the little things that add up to a job well done. When it comes to tires it’s not as simple as the industry once had you believe. This isn’t the service station your Grandpa worked at… Today’s vehicles require sophisticated equipment to function as intended. This level of knowledge for tires is best found at a specialized tire shop. There simply isn’t enough margin in tires for dealerships & car repair shops to invest in full time dedicated technicians to perform this work, so you end up with the least experienced technician in the building performing the work. Choosing a business dedicated to tires gets you the most relevant information during the buying process as well as comprehensive experience during installation.

We continue to invest in the best equipment and have trained technicians ensuring a safe and smooth ride when our work is completed.

We see our long-time clients around town and up in the mountains.This is how business should be done. Maybe a little bit of a Utopian fantasy, but it’s an ideal that we continue to strive for.

Give us a call, shoot us an email or swing by our showroom.  We’re looking forward to it!

Michelin Tires
BF Goodrich
Falken Tire
General Tire