Alloy wheels and low profile tires can meet an abrupt edge while driving…

This encounter can result in a bent wheel.

These days, driving on some roads you are constantly forced to dodge one pothole then another.

Typical symptoms of a bent wheel are steering wheel vibration, uneven tire wear and increased wear on suspension components of your car.

NW Wheel & Tire has invested in the machinery to repair bent wheels at a fraction of the price of replacement.

With our proper equipment, the majority of these bent wheels can be straightened safely back to factory specifications.

If our process cannot make your wheel road worthy again, there is no charge for wheel repair.

Process Overview:

Safely repairing a bent wheel takes the proper equipment. In our shop we have what we believe is the best machine available. While some offer quick repairs and fancy features, only our machine allows us to attach the wheel to the machine, exactly how it is mounted on the vehicle. Using a factory sized hub adaptor and all the bolt holes we can take advantage of precise mounting to accurately take measurements during the repair process. This allows us to be certain our repairs are the best possible.

The first step is to remove your tire, which we can take care of. After the tire is removed we inspect the wheel to determine if it can safely be repaired. Next, we bolt the wheel to the straightener and using a dial indicator, mark the low spots and high spots of the out-of-round wheel, down to the thousandth of an inch. Depending on the severity of the bend, we will warm the metal to limit the force needed to straighten the wheel. The nice thing about metal is it wants to be in the same position as it was made. This doesn’t mean it pops back into place, but it does allow us to safely repair your wheels for a lot less than what it would cost to replace it.

This process is akin to the art of metal shaping and takes patience to achieve great results. After a wheel has been brought back into shape the straightening process is complete. At this point we remount your tire and balance it using the latest Hunter Engineering technology. After our process is completed your vehicle will be back to safely and smoothly driving down the road.